Wildlife Conservation Society Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo


Fundraising Franklin Blackshear ©WCS

All registered children and adults who meet the $35 fundraising requirement, will get:

Level 1


Level 1: T-shirt


Level 2


Level 2: Plush

Giraffe Plush + t-shirt

Level 3


Level 3: Giraffe Beanie and Socks

Beanie & Socks + all previous prizes

Level 4


Level 4: Water Tumbler

Water Tumbler + all previous prizes

Level 5


Level 5: Fanny Pack and Giraffe Laser Print

Fanny Pack & Laser Print+ all previous prizes

Level 6


Level 6: VIP Brunch

VIP Brunch + all previous prizes

All participants are also eligible for a host of prizes based on your personal fundraising success: You can win an animal plush, a beanie and socks, a water tumbler, a fanny pack and giraffe laser print, and Bronx Zoo Total Experience tickets plus a VIP brunch. Sign up and get a jump start on your fundraising now.

Your Run for the Wild donation is tax deductible.  Please check with your employer about matching your gift to the WCS Run for the Wild. Matching gift forms can be emailed to devcontribs@wcs.org or mailed to

2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460
Attn: WCS Run for the Wild.

Stay tuned for other great prizes and incentives.

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Fundraising Toolkit

Ready for a wild run for wildlife? Whether you're new to raising funds or have participated before, you'll find helpful tips and resources here.